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The "heartbeat bill" - Ohio Governor blocks law restricting abortion

21 January 2019

Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed the "heartbeat"  the law that would ban abortion on detection of the first heartbeat. This law was...

Controversial assisted suicide law in force in Hawaii since 1 January

21 January 2019

In Hawaii, the assisted suicide law came into force on 1 January 2019. Most health facilities have adopted neutral legislative policies,...

Twins born through surrogacy in Kenya with a female Indian donor and an Italian father are stateless

21 January 2019

Originally from Toronto, the capital of Ontario in Canada, Joseph Tito entered into a surrogacy contract with a Kenyan surrogate mother...

China's Minister of Education calls on universities to evaluate their research programmes on genome editing

21 January 2019

The Chinese Minister of Education has asked universities to inspect all research on genome editing and submit their reports to the...

In-utero spina bifida operations in the United Kingdom: NHS gets on board

21 January 2019

Spina bifida—malformation of the lower spine accompanied by cerebrospinal fluid leakage—causes "problems such as paralysis of the legs,...

Could an autonomous "brain pacemaker" treat neurological disorders?

21 January 2019

A study published in the journal Nature on 31 December presents a new neurostimulator developed by engineers at the University of...

Psychoanalyst takes stance on "fatherless parenting"

21 January 2019

Psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter, author of the book L'avenir des pères[1], provides an objective explanation as to why he fears parenting...

Meeting with boyfriend 12 years after giving birth to daughter

21 January 2019

When she was younger, Jessica Share lived in the American Midwest. Married to a woman for a few years, they purchased sperm from an...

Contraception as a means of combating poverty?

21 January 2019

In the United States, in recent decades, more and more women have used a long-term method of birth control, such as intrauterine devices or...

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Abortion in Poland: misleading statements of the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights

06 April 2018

On Friday, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, threatened Poland that the potential adoption of its draft bill against eugenic abortion would violate the country's human rights' commitments[1].   This is not the first time that Mr. Muiznieks has advocated abortion.   However, on closer examination, his threat seems exaggerated for the most...

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