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Financing the preservation of gametes harvested from transgender adolescents: the NHS in the spotlight

13 October 2017

NHS[1] clinics are allowing dozens of transgender adolescents to freeze their sperm or preserve their eggs to enable them to have a child...

United Kingdom has a plant to create "risk-free" genetically modified mosquitoes

13 October 2017

In the United Kingdom, the biotechnology company, Oxitec, a subsidiary of British company, Intrexon, "is constructing a huge plant". The...

United States: heading towards banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy?

13 October 2017

The United States House of Representatives "passed a bill on Tuesday to punish doctors performing abortions after the 20th week of...

United States: the Supreme Court will not hear the case of surrogate mother, Melissa Cook

12 October 2017

Melissa Cook, surrogate mother who hit the headlines in 2015, presented her case to the Supreme Court: pregnant with triplets following a...

Genetic tests and pre-natal screening: patients' reactions challenge the predictions of scientists

12 October 2017

For thirty years, predictive genetic tests ("capable of informing a healthy person at the time of the test whether or not he/she will...

Pope Francis: humans are not just "an aggregate of cells, well-organised and selected through the course of life"

12 October 2017

 "The power of biotechnologies, which now permit manipulations of life that were unthinkable until now, poses formidable questions,"...

Organ donation and the Internet in Belgium: "Donation must remain a voluntary act"

09 October 2017

The Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics has just addressed the ethics of a new way of searching for kidneys or a liver with a view to...

Myotubular myopathy: launch of the first human gene therapy trial

09 October 2017

As part of a French-American joint venture, the first gene therapy clinical trial for the treatment of myotubular myopathy [1] was launched...

American College of Physicians still responds negatively to assisted suicide

09 October 2017

On 19 September 2017, the ACP [1] clearly reiterated "its opposition to any participation in assisted suicide by doctors".  ...

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Gene Drive: one step further towards irresponsibility

05 September 2017

CRISPR tools have caused gene drive technology to resurface: it consists in stimulating the transmission of certain genes from one generation to the next, in order to affect noxious populations. First suggested to eradicate mosquitos carrying parasites, it is now being considered for vertebrates such as mice. However, these gene modifications are far from insignificant and are certainly not...

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