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A Dutch report in favour of creating human embryos for research

18 April 2017

The Dutch Medical Council recommends that scientists should be authorised to create human embryos for research purposes, which would pave...

The Netherlands: directives to facilitate organ donation after euthanasia

18 April 2017

Organ donation following euthanasia is in the pipeline in the Netherlands. Twenty-three cases have been recorded since the...

Three parent IVF: a birth, uncertainty but no long-term follow-up

18 April 2017

In September 2016, Doctor Zhang announced that he had practised "three-parent IVF" in the United States for a Jordanian couple where the...

A temporary escape route for babies born through surrogacy in Cambodia

18 April 2017

Nine months after the surrogacy ban in Cambodia (see After India and Thailand, it's Cambodia's turn to ban surrogacy), Prime Minister, Hun...

Clandestine abortions are increasing in European countries

18 April 2017

"More and more Belgian and European women” are purchasing abortion kits on the Internet, according to Family Planning Associations. These...

Surrogacy in Cambodia: intended parents must prove their genetic link with the child

18 April 2017

Yesterday, the Secretary of State for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior announced more details relating to procedures to be followed...

Stem cells: scientists announce a major discovery

18 April 2017

When scientists refer to totipotent or pluripotent stem cells, they mean that, just like an embryo, these cells have the potential to...

The FDA authorises the direct sale to consumers of the first genetic disease screening test

18 April 2017

On Thursday, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorised the direct sale to consumers of the first genetic...

A London hospital wants to balance its budget by selling sperm

18 April 2017

In the United Kingdom, a National Health Service (NHS) hospital in  London wants to balance its budget by selling sperm. Although it...

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Faced with Donald Trump, the European Union insists on making abortion a major challenge

22 March 2017

The EU agrees on rejecting the decisions taken by Trump’s administration concerning aborting, but seems to have forgotten that the subject is outside its control and is stifling the voices that denounce abortion.   The “Mexico City policy”, reestablished by Trump last January, bans international non-governmental organizations from giving out any information about the subject in...

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