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Does MAP increase the risk of chromosomal anomalies?

13 July 2017

Following hormonal ovarian stimulation and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), the risk of embryo chromosomal anomalies sometimes exceeds 50%....

The chances for a couple to have a baby diminish with the age of the male partner

13 July 2017

It's not only women who worry about their biological clock. A recent study [1] presented last Tuesday at the European Society of Human...

Obesity and cardiovascular problems - greater exposure for children born through IVF

13 July 2017

A study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction conference in Geneva showed that children born through in-vitro...

MAP (medically assisted procreation) in Europe - Spain at the forefront

13 July 2017

According to the latest report of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) published on 4 July 2017, Spain is...

Scotland: the morning after pill is prescribed for children of 12 years of age

13 July 2017

In Tayside, in Scotland, teenage pregnancies have fallen by 50%. 11.8 pregnancies were recorded per 1,000 young girls in 2007 compared to...

Free abortion for women from Northern Ireland also extends to Scotland and Wales

13 July 2017

On 4 July 2017, the Welsh and Scottish Governments confirmed that they would offer free abortions to women from Northern Ireland. Their...

Responding to the challenges of artificial intelligence imposes ethical reflection

13 July 2017

Artificial intelligence specialist, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, warns of the importance of ethical reflection given the massive influx and use...

Abortion in Chile: Medical teams may benefit from the right to conscientious objection

13 July 2017

In Chile, the draft bill to decriminalise abortion, which included a conscience clause only for the surgeon carrying out the abortion, is...

Stem cells: experts in 15 countries call for stricter international regulations

13 July 2017

Medical and legal experts in 15 countries are calling for stricter regulations to prevent vulnerable patients from continuing potentially...

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Precariousness, family situation, contraception… risk factors for abortion

20 July 2017

At the European seminar which took place in Brussels at the COMECE on last 22nd June on “Preventing Abortion in Europe”, Cherline Louissaint, lawyer, went over the risk factors for abortion : social precariousness, family instability, but also the false ideas that aim at separating abortion from contraception and sexual education[2].   Few people asked themselves about the...

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