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The Netherlands: the court authorises DNA sampling of a former sperm bank director

19 June 2017

On Friday, the Dutch courts authorised DNA sampling from the personal effects of Jan Karbaat, a former sperm bank director who died...

Iowa: a couple claim damages following the birth of their disabled child

19 June 2017

According to a Supreme Court judgment in Iowa, United States, on 2 June, the parents of a "severely disabled" child can sue doctors...

"Killing off death": a controversial trial in Latin America

19 June 2017

"Killing off death". This transhumanist objective is at the heart of a controversial trial to resuscitate brain-dead patients - the Reanima...

Switzerland: two brothers continue their fight for justice against Exit

19 June 2017

Following the suicide of their brother who had contacted Geneva-based Exit for assistance, the two men who wanted to prevent him from...

Dominican Republic: the Senate rejects plans to decriminalise abortion

19 June 2017

On 31 May, in the Dominican Republic, whilst adopting the Penal Code, senators rejected several proposals put forward by the Government to...

"In the future, all diseases could potentially be treated with iPs cells"

19 June 2017

Masayo Takahashi, Professor at the Riken Public Institute and  "an international pioneer in clinical trials based on iPS stem cells[1...

Laos: heading towards a surrogacy ban?

19 June 2017

Since countries bordering Laos, such as Thailand and Cambodia, banned surrogacy in 2015, numerous clinics have sprung up in Laos, which has...

Genome editing: Sangamo embarks on clinical trials

12 June 2017

Within the clinical trial setting, Sangamo Therapeutics will use the zinc finger nuclease technique [1] to introduce the...

Japan: genetic tests for family planning trigger a debate

12 June 2017

In Japan, a company specialising in genetics, namely Genesis Healthcare Co. based in Tokyo, will offer a new  "service" to future...

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Gènéthique informs you

Ethics or morality: why make a distinction?

20 June 2017

Should one invoke Ethics or morality? Though this question is not a new one, the distinction resurfaces every time the field of action of science is about to be extended. As if to justify certain transgressive practices. François-Xavier Putallaz[1], professor of philosophy at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and member of the Swiss National Ethics Committee gives Gènéthique his analysis...

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