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CRISPR: recent Chinese publication reveals tests on human embryos

21 March 2017

AChinese study published in the Molecular genetics and genomics journal assesses research into human embryos to correct genetic mutations...

Organ donation increasing in Quebec

21 March 2017

On Thursday, Transplant Quebec published its 2016 annual statement on organ donation: "Quebec hospitals are witnessing more organ donations...

222 Canadian Federal MPs oppose genetic discrimination

21 March 2017

In Canada, a draft bill aimed at banning genetic discrimination in life assurance was adopted by 222 votes to 60.   The draft...

Terminal sedation: confusion in the Netherlands

21 March 2017

The Health Care Disciplinary Council (RTG) at the Hague has just reprimanded a geriatric physician "who did not consider it appropriate to...

Japan: dying alone, trivialisation of a disturbing phenomenon

21 March 2017

In Japan, “the number of people who die alone is increasing": every year, 30,000 people die "alone, unnoticed" in this country, including 3...

Marie Stopes International validates abortions by telephone

17 March 2017

The Daily Mail has led an enquiry into abortions carried out at the Marie Stopes International Clinics, the second largest abortion...

Australia: An end to anonymity for sperm donation

17 March 2017

Sperm donors will no longer be anonymous in the State of Victoria in Australia. Children born through MAP (medically assisted procreation)...

Germany authorises the purchase of lethal substances with a view to assisted suicide

17 March 2017

In Germany, the purchase of potentially lethal substances is prohibited. However, on Thursday 2 March 2017, Leipzig Federal Administrative...

CRISPR-CAS9: What does the general public think of genetic modifications?

17 March 2017

Nouria Hernandez, geneticist and Chancellor of Lausanne University, believes that "the general public has not been adequately informed...

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Criminal obstruction to abortion: Suppression of the crime of opinion but information control, the halftone decision of the Constitutional Council

21 March 2017

The French law extending criminal obstruction to digital media was validated by the European Constitutional Council last Thursday, and included two restriction; though the decision preserves freedom of expression, particularly on the internet, it maintains the right to condemn personalized hotlines. The law remains imprecise and discriminatory. Grégor Puppinck, doctor of law and director of the...

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