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Telemedicine: California man learns he is dying from a doctor on robot video

25 March 2019

“We knew this was going to happen and that he was very sick, but the news can't be given that way, somebody should have told us in person...

FDA targets online abortion pill providers

25 March 2019

In the United States, recent laws restricting access to abortion have given rise to a large number of websites selling abortion pills of...

After their son's accidental death, a Chinese couple ask for his sperm to produce a new heir

25 March 2019

Peter Zhu, a 21-year-old cadet of Chinese origin, was declared brain-dead after a skiing accident at the prestigious West Point Military...

Surrogacy in India: police remove a boy from his biological mother to take him to his intended parents

25 March 2019

A 4-year-old boy in India was found by the police and taken to his biological father's family, where he met his twin brother. Both brothers...

Australia: between the sperm donor and the mother's partner, who is the legal parent?

25 March 2019

Should a sperm donor be considered as the legal parent of a child conceived with his sperm? In an ongoing case, the Australian High Court...

"I was implanted with a stranger’s embryos"

25 March 2019

The trial relating to a complaint filed against the fertility clinic in Bregenz, Austria by a 44-year-old Swiss woman began on Monday. She...

Irish Bishops warn against an attack on doctors' freedom of conscience

25 March 2019

At their annual general meeting in Maynooth, the Irish Catholic Bishops reacted to last month’s announcement made by the National...

Freezing your own eggs? One in two British women is considering it

25 March 2019

Around one in two women are thinking about oocyte cryopreservation. This is revealed in a study published by the Royal College of...

In South Africa: first transplants of middle-ear bones made using 3D technology

25 March 2019

On Thursday, a South African medical team announced that it had fitted "transplants of small middle-ear bones [1] made using 3D printing"....

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Abortion in Poland: misleading statements of the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights

06 April 2018

On Friday, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, threatened Poland that the potential adoption of its draft bill against eugenic abortion would violate the country's human rights' commitments[1].   This is not the first time that Mr. Muiznieks has advocated abortion.   However, on closer examination, his threat seems exaggerated for the most...

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