World Down Syndrome Day – the “Dear Future Mom” campaign hits the headlines

Publié le : 21 March 2014

 On the occasion of the 3rd World Down Syndrome Day (Friday, 21 March), the CoorDown Association, which "strives to integrate people with Down syndrome into society" released a video, Friday, 14 March. This video has been viewed more than 4,5 million times to date.

The aim of this viral campaign is to broach a taboo subject: the birth of a child with Down syndrome.  The video shows children and young people with Down syndrome in the process of reassuring the "future mother" of their chances of being happy – children and mothers alike. "Sometimes it will be difficult, very difficult, almost impossible….but isn’t that the same for all mothers?" The video concludes with this message, "People with Down syndrome can live a happy life".

In France, in recognition of the World Down Syndrome Day, a seminar will be held at the Conseil économique, social et environnemental (Cese) (Economic, Social and Environmental Council) "with workshops and debates led by and on behalf of people with Down syndrome" on the following topic, "THE BETTER YOUR LIFE, THE BETTER YOUR TOWN/CITY: Dignity and citizenship for people with Down syndrome".

Approximately 65,000 people in France have Down syndrome. The "Amis d’Eléonore" (Friends of Eléonore Group), whose spokesperson took part in the Cese event on Friday 21 March and their partners, including the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, remind people that "no disorder apart from Down syndrome is met with such hostility". In fact, in France, routine prenatal screening leads to the abortion of 96% of foetuses with Down syndrome.


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