Woman gives birth to a baby girl from an embryo frozen 24 years ago

Publié le 5 Jan, 2018

Twenty-five years ago, after undergoing in-vitro fertilisation, an anonymous couple donated frozen embryos to “give a chance to those unable to conceive a child naturally”


For their part, Tina and Benjamin Gibson knew when they got married that they would not be able to have their own biological children as Benjamin has cystic fibrosis, which has left him infertile. After considering adoption, they chose “another route” and decided to adopt an embryo. The couple looked through brochures containing “dozens of potential embryo profiles” listing the weight, height, age and skin colour of the parents and the date of conception. Ten embryos were selected.


On 25 November 2017, Tina Gibson gave birth to a baby girl, Emma. A “snow baby” conceived 25 years earlier, on 14 October 1992, Emma had remained at the frozen embryo stage for all those years.

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