When eugenics sees women as a target – Danielle Moyse(1)

Publié le 31 Jan, 2007
Extermination of a human group?
Does exist, in the world, people, ethnic or human group scorned and denied to the point that we could broadcast about it a documentary announcing that hundred million of its members have been eliminated, without arousing demonstrations, indignant reactions, and passionate debates?
The malediction of being born girl
Nevertheless, on 24 October 2006, Arte broadcast, without arousing commentary, the movie by Manon Loizeau and Alexis Marant, La malédiction de naître fille in which was evocated the extermination of hundred million of unborn children or female babies in India, in Pakistan, and in China, killed for being a “useless charge” for their parents or the society. Indeed, in India when traditions force to provide girls with exorbitant dowries, or when in China the one-child policy meets the social custom according which the son has to look after his ageing parents, there is a prevalent idea that girls are not “profitable at all“! To think that the massive elimination, perpetrated before the discovery of prenatal ultrasonography by mothers killing their children with their own hands at birth, with the benediction of families ready to exclude or maltreat them if they do not kill female babies, would become “less serious ” on the pretext that the violence of murder could be substituted by the “least” violence of prenatal selection, would amount to asserting that Nazism would have been less serious if it had changed its target and origin, or if its technical means would have become even more efficient.
Nazism and « mercy death»
Nazism also decreed that some lives are “without values for life“. It passed, as the eugenics it comes from and radicalises it, the “evaluation” under the aegis of “science“, more particularly of medicine, the Asian phenomenon coming from the union of a medically technical possibility and discriminatory traditions. As Asian eugenics which extends the phenomenon to the half of human gender, it takes as target particular “categories” of human beings, here “women“, there “Jewish“, “handicapped people“, “mental ill people“, “homosexual“, or “tsiganes“. Like it, it invocated “compassion” reasons by speaking, for men or women with diseases or handicaps, about “mercy death“, exactly for the same reasons as some Indian or Chinese women think that it is too cruel girls live in such an opposite society! Like it, it leads perversity of the system to reduce some victims to become the auxiliaries of their own extermination through fatal “Jewish advice“. However, Nazis could not obtain from all Jewish they contribute to kill others, while it is the participation of victims to the suppression of their people which influences the possibility of birth selection in Asia!
Homicidal mothers
In fact, only women, under pressure of men, kill young girls or unborn female children, helped by physicians in case of abortion. However, killing a young girl, one’s girl, because she is a female, when you are a woman, it is like committing triple suicide: because the murder of the “other” kills a part of the person who perpetrates it, because the child is killed as she belongs to female gent and that the mother could also have been killed, and finally because she is her own children. Thus, we cannot imagine that a situation can be more perverse!
Human wastes
Regarding the thematic of “human waste” to which Nazis recurred, we concretely find in Pakistan thousands of cadavers of young girls left in waste disposals or trenches. What do we need more, after such a documentary, to denounce this contemporaneous form of eugenics with a so high virulence that at least it enables recognising the terrible actuality and the extreme gravity? No selection ever amounted to nearly this unimaginable figure of 100 millions.
Familial and “liberal” eugenics
Even with links made with Nazism, we should not forget what distinguish this political system from what it is currently in course: selection does not have anymore the State for origin, as it was the case for Nazism. While Nazism put the “right to live” under many laws, at the contrary here the law is prohibitive. Infanticide is prohibited, and now selective abortion is prohibited too. However, if we add together abortions of this kind performed in India and China, we count one million per year! Governments of these countries, aware of dramatic demographic imbalances already induced by these practices today try to rectify the phenomenon by advertising campaign in favour of girls. Unfortunately, eugenics is familial and “liberal“. The report shows that “traditions have the force of law” and transform women into “natural executants” of women elimination! Beyond the evident social, historical and cultural differences, the ontological proximity of two systems which have a common point to link “the right to live” to a particularity must lead us to denounce all kinds of selection of lives with the latest energy.

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