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What is the point of challenging adult stem cells in cardiac cell therapy?

Publié le : 13 May 2014

 Cardiac cell therapy which, until recently, was presented as cutting edge treatment is currently being put into perspective in the scientific press. With a race against the clock between research using adult stem cells and that using embryo stem cells, varying, even contradictory results have emerged.

Last week, a study published in the British Medical Journal and discussed in Nature highlighted doubts on the actual feasibility of regenerating cardiac tissues using adult stem cells, which is the most advanced approach. This would temper in particular the “revolutionary” results of a 2012 study carried out by Dr. Piero Anvera’s team and published in The Lancet. Last April, the scientific journal, Circulation, took the initiative to retract this publication due to conflicting data. 

At the same time, a study was published in The Cochrane Library highlighting the positive aspects of the clinical trial with a view to treating cardiac patients with adult bone marrow stem cells.

As far as Dr. Enca Martin-Rendon, stem cell scientist at Oxford University, is concerned:

It is difficult to reach concrete conclusions when clinical trials focusing on larger samples and taking long-term effects into account have not been carried out to date”. 

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