Uterus transplant in the United States: three failures

Publié le 13 Oct, 2016

In Texas, four women underwent a uterus transplant last month within the scope of a clinical trial launched in January 2016. However, in three cases, the uterus had to be removed because of poor blood circulation. In a press release, the hospital indicated that the fourth beneficiary was doing well with no sign of rejection. Six other transplants are scheduled to take place during this clinical trial.


The American team was assisted by two doctors from Gothenburg University in Sweden, who have now participated in around ten or so transplants. The transplanted uteri were taken from living anonymous donors referred to as “altruistic donors”.


Another uterus transplant in the United States failed at the beginning of the year. The uterus was taken from a deceased donor in this case.  

Medical Press, Marylinn Marchione (5/10/2016)

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