USA: the Supreme Court refuses a new examination of the question of abortion

Publié le : 4 June 2013

 On Tuesday 28 May, the United States Supreme Court "refused to hear an appeal by the State of Indiana to re-examine the question of abortion." Indiana had appealed to the highest American jurisdiction "with the aim of securing the denial of Medicaid funds to health care providers that perform abortions." As the Supreme Court has refused to hear this appeal, the Indiana law of 2011 prohibiting any funding by the State’s Medicaid administration of these centres, is "partially nullified.

In recent months, several Americans States have passed laws to limit access to abortion, such as North Dakota and Arkansas. The objective is to get the Supreme Court to take up these cases and carry out a new examination of the question of abortion, legal since its "Roe versus Wade" decision of 1973. 

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