USA: The State of Alabama is investigating the possibility of banning abortion as soon as foetal heartbeats are perceptible.

Publié le : 21 February 2014

 Lawyers in the State of Alabama (United States) are examining a draft bill aimed at banning abortion as soon as “foetal heartbeats can be detected”. North Dakota approved a similar bill last year, but this is currently being contested.

"If your heart is beating, you are alive. Let’s agree to protect these living unborn children," declared the spokeswoman for the draft bill, Representative Mary Sue McClurkin. According to the National Institute for Health website, heart beats are perceptible from the 6th or 7th week of pregnancy.
Other draft laws are aimed at limiting abortions, e.g. by increasing the reflection period by 48 hours. Alabama legislation currently stipulates that pregnant women should be informed of alternatives to abortion in the 24 hours preceding the scheduled abortion. 

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