USA// The Republicans are in favour of adopting a measure encouraging insurance companies to no longer cover abortion

Publié le : 31 January 2014

 The United States Chamber of Representatives has just voted on a "Republication measure aimed at encouraging insurers to no longer cover abortions". This proposal was adopted by 227 votes to 118.

The proposal
. On the one hand, this seeks to ban (already in place) the use of "public federal funds for abortions". This ban is nevertheless fraught with exceptions concerning “cases of rape and incest or when abortion is necessary to save the mother’s life”. On the other hand, the proposal introduces new legislation relating to private medical cover. Thus, "low-wage earners who opt for basic insurance covering abortion would no longer be eligible for tax credits" to which they would be entitled under the Obamacare reform.

. Republican representative, Bob Goolate, has stated the following: "People can use their money to take out health cover including abortion […] In all such cases, this would be their choice and on their conscience. But it’s not what American tax payers want to see happen to their taxes".
It would appear that this measure has little chance of being adopted by Congress when most of the Democrats voted against it. What’s more, the White House has disclosed in a press release that it is opposed to a presidential veto "in the unlikely case that the legislation would be definitively adopted by Congress". In this press release, the White House stated that "the Administration [was] vehemently opposed to measures that would restrict, to no avail, the freedom of women in terms of reproduction and consumer choices in the matter of private insurance".

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