USA: The National Institute of Health reaffirms the ban on handling human embryos

Publié le 29 Apr, 2015

Director of the NIH[1] (National Institute of Health), Francis Collins, has reaffirmed the Institute’s consistent position against the public financing of research involving the handling of human embryos.


In a public declaration on 29 April, Francis Collins shared his concerns about the Chinese announcement published in Protein & Cell on 18 April 2015. As far as he is concerned, the handling of human embryos “is universally considered as a line not to be crossed”.


In 1996, he drafted the bill known as the Dickey-Wicker amendment, banning the public financing of any studies involving the destruction of human embryos or the creation of human embryos for research purposes [2].



[1] The National Institute of Health is a United States governmental institution focusing on medical and biomedical research.  It is attached to the United States’ Department of Health.


[2] Subsequent bills have authorised research on human embryo stem cells.

Nature (Sara Reardon) 19/04/2015

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