USA: tax reform grants legal status to embryos

Publié le 18 Dec, 2017

On Saturday, 2 December, the United States Senate adopted a tax reform bill which “gives rights to ‘children in utero’ “,by 51 votes to 49“.


Section 1202 of the tax reform refers to “529 Plans“, a programme devised in 1996, “which allows American families to save for their children’s education and enjoy tax benefits at the same time“. “Children in utero” have been added to family members with the embryo being defined as follows, ” a member of the homo-sapiens species, regardless of the stage of development, carried in the (woman’s) uterus“. This revision, which implies that legal status “is acquired at conception”, could challenge abortion.


To come into force, this new law must be “harmonised with the bill already adopted by the House of Representatives,” possibly before Christmas if the Republicans have their way. 

Slate, Camille Jourdan (02/12/2017)

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