Uruguay Court upholds the conscience clause for gynaecologists faced with abortion

Publié le 30 Aug, 2015

The Uruguay Court of Administrative Litigation “ruled in favour of a group of 100 gynaecologists against the Government”on 21 August 2015 regarding their conscience clause when confronted with abortion.


 The judges thus overruled seven abortion-related articles which restrict the doctors’ conscience clause: the law “obliged gynaecologists to participate indirectly in the process leading to abortion”essentially by making them attend the first consultation before an interdisciplinary committee and sign the form authorising an abortion.


The Court ruled that this “active participation in triggering the abortion process”illegitimately restricts “the right to exercise conscientious objection”.

 Furthermore, The Court currently demands “that doctors offer women all of the options available to them including alternatives to abortion”.


IEB (27/08/2015)

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