United States: the use of surrogate mothers is a real “market”

Publié le : 12 February 2013

 In France, where the issue of surrogacy is being hotly debated, the daily Le Figaro looked into the situation in the United States, a country where the use of surrogate mothers is a real "market". It points out that "for several tens of thousands of dollars, the leading agencies in this strange sector propose carefully selected young women."     
It gives the example of the CSP agency, "a pioneer in the ‘creation of families’," which does not hesitate to publish the photos of certain celebrities who have had recourse to surrogacy, such as Elton John. In thirty-two years of experience, this same agency has "created" "over 1,700 children in 45 countries," and 40% of its clients are foreigners.          
In concrete terms, the journalist explains that the recourse to surrogacy "begins with a meeting via Skype between the couple and the representatives of CSP." The agency coordinator of the surrogate mothers points out that "the women who accept both to donate their gametes and to bear the child are rare." Hence, the agency works with other agencies. While some "donors choose to remain anonymous," others "accept to be contacted when the child reaches its majority." To be able "to be selected, they must be aged 21 to 35, be in good health, intelligent, attractive and responsible." Then, during a second trip to the United States, "the transfer of the embryo takes place." A third trip is required for the ultra-sound scan, and "the fourth is for the delivery." Then, the CSP agency says, "the child is taken away with an American passport" and "its birth certificate gives, for gay couples, either the name of one father, or the two, in accordance with the law in force in their country of origin." Lastly, "the surrogate mother […] receives between $25,000 and $35,000 (her rates increasing with each pregnancy)" and "plus $8,000 if she has twins."

The journalist then gives the example of a young woman aged 31 who "absolutely did not" feel "the same excitement as what she felt for her own children, now aged 11 and 7." She adds that the "$25,000 were used to pay the mortgage on her house. But, after that, she tried again six times for a Norwegian couple. Six failures. Then a late miscarriage." The woman added: "with all these treatments, my body is worn out […].As for my emotional state, it has been upset… So this time will be the last.

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