United States: the Supreme Court upholds a Texas law limiting abortion

Publié le : 22 November 2013

 On Tuesday, 19 November, the United States Supreme Court refused to suspend the application of a law restricting access to abortion, which was adopted last July by the Texas Parliament. With five votes to four, the judges "validated legislation that essentially restricts doctors practising abortions from having the option to admit their patients as a matter of priority to a hospital within a 50 kilometre radius in the event of complications". This bill "would lead to the closure of more than one-third of establishments practising abortion in Texas". Responding to this decision, the President of the American Family Planning Federation stated that, "Even though we are extremely disappointed, this does not stop here. We will do everything in our power to preserve the health of women in Texas”.
With this decision, the Supreme Court is upholding a recent Court of Appeal decision in Texas (Gènéthique press review on October 28th, 2013), in response to an initial decision by a Federal Judge in Texas who invalidated the same article (Gènéthique press review on October28th, 2013).

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