United States: the mother of a Down syndrome child writes to the doctor who advised her to abort

Publié le 8 Jun, 2016

Diagnosed with Down syndrome during an antenatal examination, Emersyn Baker is now 15 months old. Her mother, Courtney Baker,has written via Facebook to the doctor who advised her on several occasions to have an abortion (seeBattling abortion: the testimony of parents with Down syndrome children). She shares her joy at having chosen the alternative and recounts how the arrival of Emersyn, her third child, has brought an entirely different perspective to human values:“Emersyn has filled our lives and has touched the hearts of thousands of people. It is impossible to express the joy she has brought us […] She has opened our eyes to real beauty and pure love”. 

Courtney Baker expressed her sadness at encountering a doctor with such rigid views regarding Down syndrome: “I am sad that you can say that a child with Down syndrome can reduce the parents’ quality of life. I am also sad to learn that you can still say that today,to another mother. But I am especially sad because you have never had the privilege to meet my daughter, Emersyn”.

This situation highlights above all the distress experienced by parents of children with Down syndrome who seek support and answers from a team of specialists: “I was terrified, anxious and completely bereft. I didn’t know the truth about my baby – I was expecting you to tell me”. And Courtney Baker deplores the fact that, “Instead of giving us your support and encouragement, you suggested an abortion. I told you what we were going to call our daughter and once again you asked me whether I realised what life would be like with a Down syndrome child”.

CNN, 08/06/2016 – Daily News, 08/06/2016

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