United States – “smart-based behavioural health insurance” at personalised premiums

Publié le 16 Oct, 2018

In the US, from 2019 onwards, the insurance company John Hancock will offer clients “smart-based health insurance cover”.


A Fitbit bracelet, Apple Watch or mobile phone will record clients’ “sporting habits” and an app will allow them to record their purchases to prove their efforts to eat healthy. “Those who make progress and reach their physical exercise targets will get lower insurance premiums, loyalty vouchers and other benefits”.


Although people do not have to sign up to this type of contract, which is presented as a preventive measure, “behavioural insurance is raising numerous questions about personal data protection”. Will premiums increase for those who refuse to sign up?


In France, Generali is already offering interactive health insurance to companies but without any financial incentives since the Evin Law bans any form of pricing structure based on medical data.

Le Figaro, Danièle Guinot (20/09/2018)

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