United States: Kansas adopts a draft bill to restrict access to abortion

Publié le 8 Jun, 2016

On Friday, 5 April, the Chamber of Representatives in the State of Kansas adopted a draft bill stipulating that “life begins with conception and withdrawing tax credits for abortion clinics“. It also bans “gender-selective abortion and prevents clinics from taking part in sex education lessons in schools and from giving more information than is required to patients wishing to have an abortion”.


This draft bill, adopted by 90 votes to 30, is an amended version of the law adopted a few hours earlier by the Senate. Those in favour of this draft bill “hope that it will soon become legislation to allow restrictions to enter into force on 1 July“. 


On 26 March 2016, North Dakota passed “a law banning recourse to abortion as soon as the first foetal heartbeat is heard” (see United States: North Dakota bans abortion on detection of the first foetal heart beat). Finally, “Arkansas approved a law preventing most women from having an abortion after the 12th week of pregnancy“. 

 Journalmetro.com 06/04/2013

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