United States: Kansas adopts a bill restricting access to abortion

Publié le : 12 April 2013

On Friday 5 April, the Chamber of Representatives of the State of Kansas adopted a bill which states that life begins at conception” and eliminates tax credits for the clinics that carry out abortions. The bill also prohibits "abortion based on sex and prevents clinics from participating in the sexual education classes provided in schools and from giving more information than is necessary for patients who wish to have an abortion."    
This bill, adopted by 90 votes for and 30 against, is an amended version of the one adopted several hours previously by the Senate. The supporters of this bill said they hoped "that it would quickly become law so that the restrictions could come into force on 1 July.
On 26 March, North Dakota voted for "a law prohibiting abortion when the heartbeat of the foetus can be detected."
Lastly, "Arkansas has approved a law preventing most women from having an abortion after the 12th week.

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