United States: ethical rules governing brain research

Publié le : 16 May 2014
The American Bioethics Committee has issued a report on its BRAIN project to President Obama.  This project seeks to promote research on the brain and its diseases. It urges for the inclusion of ethical regulations “at the start of research to avoid the need for subsequent corrective measures”.      


President Obama asked the Committee to “pro-actively identify a series of basic ethical standards to guide neuroscience research and to respond to certain ethical dilemmas which could emerge on applying the latest discoveries”. According to Amy Gutmann, Chairperson of the Bioethics Committee, “research into neuroscience, i.e. the human brain, touches the very essence of our being – these ethical stakes cannot be any higher”. She went on to add that, “all too often in the history of the United States, ethical weaknesses in research have had tragic consequences and have hampered scientific progress”.

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