United States: Another surrogate mother forced to have an abortion

Publié le 13 Dec, 2015

After Melissa Cook, another surrogate mother in California[1] was subjected last month to pressure from the intended parents to have an abortion at seventeen weeks, 26 year-old Brittneyrose Torres, is keen to recount her story to protect other surrogate mothers from a similar experience.  


 Following in-vitro fertilisation, two embryos were implanted in the hope that one of them would develop. Unexpectedly, both embryos developed and one of the two divided to produce twins. Brittneyrose Torres is therefore carrying two boys and a little girl. At twelve weeks, the intended parents asked her to abort the little girl believing that there would be “greater risks of developmental problems”. Having sought the advice of the medical authorities, the surrogate mother proved them wrong.


As in Melissa Cook’s case, the intended parents announded that the surrogacy agreement contained a clause allowing them to demand an abortion and suspend payment if the surrogate mother did not comply with their wishes. Brittneyrose Torres should receive $30,000 – $25,000 for the first child and $5000 more for carrying two or more children.


 Brittneyrose Torres stated that she could not have an abortion and that it would be tantamount to killing the baby. She contacted The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, a specialist anti-surrogacy association in an attempt to fight the demand put to her.


 [1] California bans abortion after 24 to 26 weeks, once foetuses are considered “viable” outside the mother’s womb.  This is the US State most open to surrogacy.

Daily Mail (14/12/2015)

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