United States: a mother decides to design a line of Down syndrome dolls

Publié le : 28 March 2013

 In the United States, the mother of a little girl with Down syndrome or trisomy 21, has "launched the project Dolls for Downs’, a line of dolls with the physical features of Down syndrome." The aim is to enable her daughter, Hannah, "frustrated to see dolls in a toy catalogue that resemble her sisters but not her," […] "to care for a baby doll that resembles her." In an interview given to the Huffington Post, Connie Feda, her mother, confides: ""I want Hannah to see a doll with Down syndrome and see something beautiful, because that’s what I see when I look at her." This project got off the ground with the help of a sculptress as well as therapists and other parents of children with Down syndrome and its mission is torepresent children with disabilities in an honest, favourable light." Moreover, "apart from the motivation of play, this untypical ‘doll’ also favours […] the motor functions of Down syndrome children" because "the clothes are easier to take off, the fastenings are bigger…" and "it is the perfect toy for familiarising oneself with buttons, press studs, zips, doing the hair, etc.

Connie Feda "hopes to launch the project on May 1st 2013. But she does not wish to be content with that and plans to start a campaign soon to help raise funds in favour of research on Down syndrome.

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