United-States: 300 demonstrations protesting against the practices of the American Family planning association

Publié le 23 Aug, 2015

USA Today has revealed that approximately 300 demonstrations took place in America on Saturday, 22 August, protesting against the trafficking of organs removed from aborted foetuses by the American branch of the Family Planning Association.


The practice of partial abortions and the removal of organs from foetuses, with hearts still beating in some cases, with a view to selling these organs, has been denounced through videos filmed with hidden cameras and put online by the Center for Medical Progress Association.

Demonstrators refusing to accept such “atrocities” called for the suspension of subsidies paid to the organisation in question.


“I think the silent majority is standing up to be counted”, declared Debbie Ramsey, a demonstrator who “regrets having had abortions”.  “How could we stay silent after seeing the videos?” she asked.


The Courrier-Journal (Kirsten Clark), 23/08/2015

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