United Kingdom: freezing eggs to conceive at the age of 80

Publié le 27 Dec, 2017

The British Fertility Society has recommended that the period for storing frozen eggs be increased from 10 to 55 years, for social reasons, “potentially to allow women to conceive at the age of 80“.


Egg freezing has been allowed for 55 years in Great Britain to enable “girls who become infertile as a result of anticancer treatment to conceive during adulthood“. Women wishing to freeze their eggs for “social reasons” to give themselves sufficient time “to find the right partner” or “to have a satisfactory professional career” currently have the option to freeze their eggs for 10 years.


The British Fertility Society has confirmed that this time-span is “inadequate“, “arbitrary” and “does not take new technologies into account“.

BioEdge (09/12/2017) 

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