United Kingdom: child born through IVF without the father’s consent

Publié le 23 Oct, 2017

In the United Kingdom, a couple divorced in 2010 following the birth of their first child by IVF in 2008. A few months later, the woman asked the clinic to implant one of the embryos frozen before the separation [1]. A second child has since been born through this IVF procedure but the biological father claims that he did not give his consent. As far as he is concerned, this child was “not wanted”. He has also decided to sue the clinic in an attempt to get the latter to pay for the cost of the child’s education and wedding. The High Court has just held that the clinic was not negligent and the father therefore loses his appeal for the payment of damages. The judges nevertheless expressed their concerns about the way in which the clinic obtains patient consent. The clinic announced that it has reviewed its procedures “to ensure that this type of situation does not recur“.


 [1] In the United Kingdom, couples must annually sign a document to extend embryo storage.

BBC, Katie Silver (6/10/2017)

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