Ukraine adopts a law banning recourse to surrogate mothers by foreigners

Publié le : 19 October 2012

In recent years Ukraine has become "a key destination for Europeans seeking surrogate mothers." But on Tuesday 16 October, the country "adopted a law forbidding nationals from countries where this practice is illegal, including France, from having recourse to it." This law was adopted by 250 MPs, where a minimum of 225 votes was necessary.
The law is due to be promulgated and will come into force on 1 January. It lays down that "surrogate motherhood is accessible only for Ukrainians or foreign nationals of countries where this method is not forbidden by law."

In 2011, "a scandal broken out when a French couple illegally tried to take out of Ukraine two babies born to a surrogate mother, as they were unable to do so legally owing to a legal dispute between Kiev and Paris." In Ukraine, recourse to surrogate mothers is legal. In France, "no surrogate motherhood contract is allowed and no identity papers can be issued for the children born abroad to a surrogate mother."

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