UK: The government commissions an enquiry into gender-specific abortion

Publié le : 11 April 2014

 Following the statement that numerous gender specific abortions are performed in Great Britain – an investigation was carried out by The Independent newspaper and published on 17 January 2014 (Gènéthique press review on January 20th, 2014) – a new enquiry on birth rate has just been launched by the British government.

Earl Howe, Health Minister stated that the government wishes "to monitor the situation very closely" and "to remain vigilant" since discovering that some British doctors practise selective abortion. He also announced that a new guide would soon be published for doctors stipulating how the government interprets the law relating to gender-selective abortions. He went on to say that the current analysis of figures released by the Ministry for Health shows “that the birth rate, i.e. the number of boys born in relation to the number of girls, in Britain was within normal limits" but added that this information should be updated. Finally, he stated that he was aware of the fact that organisations "had provided anecdotal proof revealing that selective abortions were taking place".

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