UK: no consensus on specific legislation to ban selective abortions

Publié le : 30 May 2014

 According to a survey conducted by The Telegraph newspaper, which revealed that British doctors had consented to gender selective abortions, the British Department of Health has published new guidelines to clarify abortion legislation. (Gènéthique press review on May 19th, 2014).

According to The Telegraph, doctors had to investigate the requests put forward by pregnant women on a case-by-case basis. Although there is no legal obligation for at least one of the two certifying doctors to have seen the pregnant woman before reaching a decision on termination, the Department’s view is that it is good practice for this to be the case.

For Josephine Quintavalle from the Comment on Reproductive Ethics movement, who disproves of this practice: “a telephone conversation to ensure authorisation – probably with a pro-choice doctor – completely ignores the life-taking nature of abortion, makes a complete mockery of the original Act and would surely not be tolerated in any other branch of medicine”

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