Two studies could amend WHO recommendations regarding abortion

Publié le 7 Apr, 2015

Two international studies carried out by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden could provide the basis for new international recommendations for medical abortions and miscarriages, according to Santé Log.


 On the one hand they conclude that midwives “have the necessary expertise to manage incomplete abortions and miscarriages” [1] and, on the other hand, that a “home test is sufficient to confirm the efficacy of a medical abortion“[2].


These conclusions have a particular impact on health systems suffering from a shortage of medical personnel and for “low-income countries where there are more midwives than doctors”.


This latest information “will be taken into account in the next guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation” and could “form the basis for new WHO recommendations“, essentially with a view to “initiating a more straightforward clinical approach for monitoring medical abortions,” explains Santé Log.



Santé Log 07/04/2015 ; The Lancet (27/03/2015 et 21/02/2015)

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