Two new U.S. states pass legislation banning abortion when a foetal heartbeat is detected

Publié le 18 Mar, 2019

“If a heartbeat is used to determine the end of life, it should be used to establish when life begins,” said Republican Congressman Ed Setzler, supporting his bill on Wednesday in the Georgia State Parliament in the United States. This law would prohibit any abortion as soon as the foetal heartbeat is detectable, starting around six weeks of pregnancy. An exception is provided in the event of grave risks to the health of the mother or in cases of rape. Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, said the bill “would help preserve the sanctity of life and uphold the campaign promises he and other Republicans made to restrict abortions”. The bill was passed by Parliament with a vote of 93 to 73, and will now be referred to the State Senate. Many American states are currently promoting similar legislation.


This is the case in Tennessee, whose parliament passed the law last Thursday with a vote of 66 to 21. “It’s not overly complicated,” explains Republican Rep. Matthieu Hill. “We have a responsibility as the representatives of our districts, of our citizens, to ensure that life, innocent life, is protected in all its stages. We will be able to inject some common sense into our code”. Bill Lee, the Governor of Tennessee known for his pro-life position, has said he would sign the bill should it pass the Senate.


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