Three-parent IVF: John Zhang singled out by the FDA

Publié le 11 Sep, 2017

On 4 August, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) instructed “fertility doctor”, John Zhang, to stop marketing three-parent IVF [1] [2]. He was involved in the birth of a Jordanian child through three-parent IVF last year (see three-parent IVF: birth, uncertainty but no long-term follow-up).


Since then, to circumvent American legislation, which does not authorise such procedures, John Zhang has managed a clinic in Mexico, linked to his centre in New-York (see Three-parent IVF to rejuvenate eggs: a lucrative market). Whilst not practising three-parent IVF on American soil, he nevertheless promotes this technique and puts forward a dubious marketing argument, according to the FDA.


Note from Gènéthique:


In the United States, human embryo research is not illegal provided that Federal funds are not used to finance it. However, the implantation of a “handled” embryo in a woman’s uterus, in order to develop, is prohibited.

[1] In-Vitro Fertilisation

[2] One baby, 3 DNA, 3 transgressions



Washington times, Linda A Johnson (4/08/2017)

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