The world leader in technological advances geared to iPS

Publié le : 14 March 2014

 On Monday, 10 March, Catalent Pharma Solutions, the world leader in "technological advances and the distribution and development of medicinal products and health care products for the general public", announced its agreement with the Center for iPS Research and Application (CiRA) at Kyoto University in Japan, led by Professor Yamanaka (who discovered induced pluripotent stem cells and received the 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine).

In signing this agreement, Catalent Pharma Solutions will be joining forces with CiRA to develop one of the first regenerative therapies using human iPS cells for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

In this respect, the Catalent Pharma Solutions Company undertakes to produce a monoclonal antibody known as anti-CORIN, discovered by the CiRA Research Centre and the Kan Research Centre in Japan, using its exclusive GPEx cell line expression technology. The production of anti-CORIN will accelerate the clinical research project aimed at transplanting iPS cells producing this antibody, which is useful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.      
Catalent will also help CiRA to formulate, produce and refine the antibody – processes that cannot be implemented in a university setting. 

For Shingo Nakamura, Director of the Department of Biological Products at Catalent, this agreement is already a success story"We are delighted to promote the development of a unique regenerative therapy using our GPEx technology and are looking forward to working with CiRA to provide the company with optimal treatments for a faster product launch."

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