The United States Supreme Court will examine the question of abortion

Publié le 15 Nov, 2015

The United States Supreme Court has announced that it will examine “the legality of restrictions imposed by certain American states regarding women’s rights to abortion”. It must deliberate on a law governing abortion which has already been partly adopted in Texas.


  The “nine wise people in the Court” must rule on part of the law which has not yet been adopted by the State of Texas and which “obliges abortion clinics to have a surgical platform worthy of a hospital setting”. They must also validate a point of law that has already been adopted “and [which] obliges doctors practising abortion to have the right to admit their patients to a local hospital” not more than fifty kilometres from their clinic.


 Further to adoption of the first part of the law, twenty-three of the forty-two clinics in Texas closed. If the Court adopts the other points of law, the number of clinics specialising in abortion would fall to ten.


 The Court will give its verdict in June 2016.

BBC (13/11/2015) – AFP (13/11/2015)

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