The UK High Court approves sex reassignment of a four-year-old child

Publié le 28 May, 2019

The UK High Court found that a four-year-old child “had suffered no harm” from the full sex reassignment operation decided on by his parents. Following the operation and after the parents sent their son to school in a girl’s uniform, social services had wanted to take away custody of their son from them.


Relying on the opinion of “experts“, the judges considered that the child “clearly identified herself as a girl” and seems to be “a content, alert and socially engaged little girl“. This astonishing reasoning is based on stereotypes about girls and boys, according to which girls play with dolls and boys with cars and trains.




This case is not unique in the UK. The parents of a 15-year-old girl, who refused to support her decision to live as a boy, were reported to government services this year. In another case, the parents of a 15-year-old boy, who had stopped him having sex reassignment surgery for fear of sex hormones’ side effects, were threatened with losing custody of their son.


By recognizing that a four-year-old child can identify as a man or a woman, the High Court has opened the door to an increasing frequency of similar scenarios.


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