The turn of Kansas to cancel Family Planning subsidies

Publié le 12 Jan, 2016

Kansas is the eighth State to withdraw Family Planning subsidies since the scandal revealed by the Center for Medical Progress, which highlighted the sale of aborted foetal organs (The Family Planning Association – right at the heart of aborted foetal organ sales). Governor, Sam Brownback, made his announcement on 12 January and has asked for this measure to be made legal.  On Twitter, he pointed out that, “The trafficking of child organs goes against human dignity.  Not one Kansas dollar will finance Family Planning procedures”.


 Alliance Defending Freedom welcomed the governor’s commitment pointing out that the governor was entitled to terminate relations with an organisation that misused its money and exploited the trust placed in it.


 Alliance Defending Freedom also denounced Family Planning profits, which exceeded those of companies such as Groupon and Amazon. The 2014-2015 annual report of the Family Planning Association nevertheless confirmed a 66% decrease in cancer screening and prevention, a 61% drop in mammograms over the last 10 years and, at the same time, a 15% reduction in the number of clients. However, the number of abortions performed and the number of “emergency contraception kits” issued increase each year.


Furthermore, President Obama vetoed the law passed by Republicans on 6 January (Part of the American Senate voted in favour of terminating public subsidies for family planning), ensuring that this company “provides health care and services for the population”. Re-voting will take place on 22 January.

Alliance Defending Freedom (12/01/2016); Washington Times (12/01/2016)

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