The surrogacy business switches to Cambodia

Publié le 8 Nov, 2015

Ever since Thailand followed by Nepal and, more recently, India banned surrogacy in their country, clients and entrepreneurs have turned to Cambodia which appears to be the new Eldorado.


 According to the Sydney Morning Herald, no fewer than fourteen clinics specialising in fertility and surrogacy have appeared in Phnom Penh. The majority tend to be Thai clinics but Indian clinics are increasingly springing up in the Cambodian capital. Surrogate mothers also tend to the Thai because surrogacy is frowned upon in Cambodia.


 Since the birth of the first in-vitro fertilisation baby born in 2014, the surrogate mother market has expanded because there is no law governing surrogacy and the system is corrupt. If the Cambodian authorities pass a statute on this subject there is a chance that surrogacy will be assimilated to human trafficking. Despite that, the clinics are ready to venture because the costs are much lower at Phnom Penh.

Bioedge (07/11/2015)

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