The self-preservation of eggs is under debate in the Netherlands

Publié le 31 Jan, 2016

Dutch Health Minister, Edith Schippers, is debating whether to allow women of 50 who wish to have recourse to MAP (medically assisted pregnancy) access “to their eggs frozen 15 years earlier”. MAP is currently authorised up to the age of 45 in this country.


The “underlying question is also that of ‘Social freezing’”, i.e. the self-preservation of eggs without a medical reason. This protocol was the subject of lively protests when American companies suggested financing Social freezing for their female executives.

This question has also been raised in Belgium where eggs can be collected up to the age of 45 “to carry out transplantation before the age of 47”. Dr. Dominic Stoop (UZ Brussels) “believes that 300 women in Belgium already have recourse” to Social freezing.

Institut Européen de Bioéthique (26/01/2016)

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