The search for aborted foetal tissue in the United States

Publié le 8 Dec, 2015

The use of aborted foetal tissue has generated lively debated in the United States in recent months. Today, the Nature journal is publishing an article, which it claims reveals the “truth” behind this controversial research.


 According to 2014 NIH[1] data, eighteen scientists managing research projects using aborted foetuses have been identified. Of the eighteen contacted, only two scientists agreed to answer Nature’s questions. They claimed they were acting in good faith since the law allows them to obtain and use foetal tissues.


 In 2014, the NIH financed 164 projects using aborted foetal tissue amounting to $76 million. The NIH also finances research into embryo stem cells to the tune of $150 million ($27.9 trillion spent on research overall). In the United Kingdom, the five projects for 2015 using foetal tissues are financed to the tune of $1.9 million.


Research is aimed at developing treatment for infectious diseases (HIV), retinal diseases or studying foetal development. “Other models and techniques can be used”, this research is “obsolete”, declared David Prentice, Research Director at the Charlotte Lozier Institute (Washington); “There are better, honest and promising alternatives”, he stressed.


[1] National Institute of Health.

Nature (9/12/2015)

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