The risks of oral contraceptives are not to be underestimated

Publié le : 9 July 2013

 A recent analysis of 55 studies, all related to the link between cancer of the ovaries and the pill, reveals that the use of the contraceptive pill could reduce the risk of cancer of the ovaries. Researchers from Duke University in  North Carolina (United States), led by Laure Havrilesky, found an overall reduction of 27% and of 57% for women taking the pill for over 10 years. Nevertheless, in their conclusion the researchers remind readers that hormonal contraception carries risks that should not be forgotten.    

For example, there is the risk of venous thromboembolic complications linked to the use of third-generation pills. It was for this reason that the Ministry of Heath stopped reimbursing third-generation contraceptive pills as of 31 March this year. 

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