The number of assisted suicides increases in the State of Washington

Publié le : 16 June 2014

According to an official report, the number of deaths by assisted suicide increased by 43% in 2013. Based on legislation passed in 2008, State residents with 6 months or less to live can ask doctors for lethal doses of medication. 


In 2013, 173 people were given this type of medication. 159 died including 119 after ingesting the medication. Sometimes, patients keep the medication and do not use it. The cause of death in 14 other subjects is not known. Lethal prescriptions were given by 89 different doctors and dispensed by 23 different pharmacists.  In most cases, these prescriptions were requested due to fear of loss of autonomy, dignity or the ability to take part in pleasurable activities. Pain was not cited as a reason in the report focusing on patient motivation.

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