The Netherlands is calling for better control of MAP clinics

Publié le 3 Nov, 2016

In the Netherlands, Health Minister Edith Schippers is working to tighten controls governing medically assisted procreation clinics. In fact, several plaintiffs have denounced the lack of control in terms of the number of sperm donations for each donor. Complaints have also been raised regarding “the availability of data for children looking for ‘their’ donor.”


The Health Minister announced that the thirteen clinics practising in-vitro fertilisation and the four sperm banks concerned were operating within the law.  


However, a health care audit deplored the excessively high number of medical practices which differ from one clinic to the next, “either in terms of the use of foreign donor sperm or the serological analysis of national donors“. The audit wishes to harmonise procedures at each MAP centre.


Institut européen de bioéthique (19/10/2016).

Photo : Pixabay, DR.

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