The morning-after pill, soon freely on sale in the United States

Publié le : 19 June 2013

 The Obama administration has authorised the sale of the morning-after pill called "Plan B One-Step" without any age limit and without a prescription in the United States. This decision was published on Monday 10 June, overruling a court decision placing certain restrictions on the use of this pill. Initially, "the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the free sale of this pill to all teenage girls." But at the request of the Minister for Health it "had been obliged to revise its decision" by limiting to 17 the age at which teenage girls could buy this pill.

Reacting to this decision, Anna Huggins, director of the Family Research Council in Washington, stated to Agence France Presse: "We are disappointed that this administration is aligning itself once again with its pro-abortion allies and ignoring the health of teenage girls and the rights of their parents." It must be pointed out that the morning-after pill can have an abortive effect because it can "prevent a pregnancy if it is taken in the 72 hours after unprotected sexual relations.

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