The London Court of Appeal clings resolutely to euthanasia legislation

Publié le : 2 August 2013

 On Wednesday 31 July, the London Court of Appeal upheld the law banning euthanasia. The appeal that led to this legal decision was filed by "two severely disabled men who demanded that doctors should help them to die in accordance with the law". As far as the plaintiffs are concerned, the legislation does not respect their right to a private and family life guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights: "they cannot choose the place and manner of their death". 

Whilst acknowledging that "the law currently infringes this entitlement", the Court of Appeal considered that, "the ban on euthanasia is justified". For both the Court and the Tribunal that initially heard the case, "Parliament represents the nation’s conscience" and judges do not have the authority to "challenge the legal ban on euthanasia". 

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