The King of Belgium does not oppose extending euthanasia to minors

Publié le : 7 March 2014

 New legislation on extending euthanasia to minors was finally validated on Sunday with King Philipp’s signature. This occurred two weeks after the law was adopted by the Chamber.

Discussions on this legislation led to internal divisions within political parties including those defending the draft bill (PS, MR, Ecolo-Groen and N-VA) since some of their MPs "abstained or voted against in the name of freedom of conscience".

petition launched by CitieznGO and sent to King Philippe imploring him not to sign the bill had acquired over 200,000 signatures across Europe (Gènéthique press review on February 24th, 2014). Supporters of the petition had relied on the fact that King Baudouin had refused to sign the law decriminalising abortion.

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