The European Parliament bans the sale of cloned animals

Publié le 7 Sep, 2015

On Tuesday, 8 September 2015, the European Parliament adopted the first reading of a bill banning the sale of cloned animals, bred using a specific feeding strategy, as well as their descendants and products they generate, within the European Union.  In 2013, the European Commission presented a similar draft bill aimed at banning the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals.  However, this bill did not come to fruition due to potential repercussions with commercial partners.


 Animal cloning is banned in Europe which nevertheless imports the produce generated by cloned animals including embryos, semen and even the descendants of these animals from countries such as the United States, Argentina or Brazil.

According to the person who compiled the bill, Euro MP, Renate Sommer, “we are clearing ourselves of any responsibility and will leave the dirty work to others, whilst making the most of the situation”.

AFP (08/09/2015) – Le Monde (08/09/2015)

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