The European Parliament bans cloned animals from EU states

Publié le 17 Jun, 2015

Yesterday, Wednesday 17 June, the European Parliament called for a territory-wide ban within the European Union on cloned animals, their descendants and products obtained from such animals.


This generalised moratorium is “the outcome of an agreement between the six major political branches of Parliament” and the agricultural and environmental commissions.


In their report, which was adopted by 82 MPs with 8 votes against and 8 abstentions, the MPs supported the Commission’s bill to ban animal cloning for agricultural purposes within the EU as well as the marketing of such animals.


Citing ethical concerns, the lively interest in animal well being shown by citizens and the reservations of European citizens and consumers with regard to cloning, the MPs would like to take the bill further. They would like to “ban the sale and importing of cloned animal produce, especially sperm and embryos as well as the descendants of these animals and the products obtained from them”.


According to German Christian Democrat reporter, Renate Sommer, this ban is essential “as otherwise we will be promoting cloning techniques in third-world countries”. “Banning cloning is a question of European values and principles,” she confirmed.


To prevent the ban from being overturned, “Parliament is also calling for the tracking of obligations from commercial partners within the EU”.


This position should be initially endorsed in Strasbourg on 7 – 10 September to pave the way for negotiations between MPs, governments and the Commission in order to “finalise European regulations in this respect”.

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