The European Commission rejects the traceability of cloned animals

Publié le : 14 February 2014

 In December 2013, the European Commission adopted draft laws aimed at preventing the cloning of breeding animals in the European Union and the importing of cloned animals. Nevertheless, yesterday, it denounced the traceability of products obtained from cloned animals and imported into the European Union, judging this measure as "unrealistic at the moment".

Numerous criticisms have been voiced followed this decision. Tonio Borg, Health Commissioner, is accused of "serving American interests" during negotiations between the European Union and the United States regarding a free exchange agreement. Furthermore, hypocrisy surrounding the decision has been noted by British Labour Party member, Linda McAvan, in particular, jeering at cloning externalisation operated by the European Union. In fact, although the Commission is in favour of the ban on serving up cloned meat, it nevertheless agrees to import the embryos and seeds of cloned specimens. Thus, there are no plans to ban the sale of meat or milk obtained from the descendants of cloned animals.

The labelling of these products has not been completely ruled out according to Mr. Borg, who has however put back this question for subsequent deliberation.

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