The European Citizen initiative, One of Us, is officially validated by the European Commission

Publié le : 7 March 2014

 On Friday, 28 February, the European Commission officially announced that the European Citizen Initiative, (ECI) One of Us, satisfied the ECI’s "operating" conditions and that the Commission would examine the initiative within three months.

One of Us is the second ECI to be validated by the European Commission after the Right2Water ECI. However, it should be noted that the One of Us ECI is the first initiative to bring together so many "Member States where the minimum support threshold has been reached".  Seven countries were needed for this process but 18 countries pledged their support (Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia), with so many "validated declarations of support", i.e. 1,721,626 declarations from citizens, which was far in excess of the 1 million required for the initiative to go ahead.

Organisers of the One of Us ECI will "present their ideas in greater detail" to the European Parliament and European Commission, calling for the European Union "to ban the financing of actions culminating in the destruction of human embryos, especially in the areas of research, development and public health". The Commission will then decide whether to pass new legislation in this respect or whether to consider the demands of the ECI One of Us.  At any rate, the Commission should "outline its comments in a statement to be approved by the entire Board of Commissioners".

ECI organisers are delighted with the progress made to date: "The major success of the ECI One of Us and the enthusiasm that this has generated across Europe show that a high proportion of European citizens believe that the protection of human life should be at the centre of the European agenda […] [This is ] an important stage in ensuring that human life is properly protected in Europe". Grégor Puppinck, co-founder of One of Us in France where the initiative is supported by the Jérôme Lejune Foundation, VITA, the Protestant Committee for Human Dignity and Catholic Family Associations, echoes the sentiment: "It clearly shows that this is a concern shared by people across the whole of Europe".

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