The Dutch Medical Federation opposes extension of assisted suicide

Publié le 10 Apr, 2017

The Dutch Medical Federation representing 59,000 practitioners and students has branded as “undesirable” the draft law aimed at authorising assisted suicide for elderly people who “feel that their lives are ‘over’ even if they are not ill“.


It believes that this draft bill could lead to the “stigmatisation of ageing” and “prompt feelings of insecurity amongst the elderly population”.


According to Dutch doctors, solutions should be found to combat feelings of worthlessness expressed by elderly people.


The Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Medicine (KNMG) deems that this radical proposal is not desirable “for practical reasons and as a matter of principle“.


The KNMG has shared its concerns with four political parties in order to create a new governmental coalition and have some say in reaching a new governmental consensus on this issue.

Sciences et avenir (30/03/2017)

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