The discovery of a gene may lead to a male contraceptive

Publié le 7 Jun, 2012

A team of British researchers led by Lee Smith from the University of Edinburgh has discovered a gene that enables "sperm to develop and become mature."

In the course of this study, the researchers discovered that the gene Katnal1 was "indispensable for the maturing of sperm." Thus, by being able to regulate it, it will be possible "to prevent the sperm from becoming mature, thus making them ineffective." According to the scientists, the regulation of this gene could lead to the development of a "non-hormonal contraceptive” for men, and "the effects of such a drug would be reversible because Katnal1 only affects sperm cells in the later stages of development, so it would not hinder the early stages of sperm production. "

Le Quotidien du Médecin (Dr Emmanuel de Viel) 29/05/12

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