The clue application – an alternative to the pill and intra-uterine device?

Publié le 9 Dec, 2014

Ida Tin, a German lady, has always “been on the look-out for a mobile application to remind her of her imminent period“. In 2013, she devised Clue – an application intended to forecast the start of a period and “to keep women better informed about how their cycle works“. Why? Because “many of us do not know how our own body works“, explained Ida Tin. “The app therefore has an educational objective“, she added. 


Clue allows women to include various items of information about their cycle and everything is taken into account by the application algorithm, “designed in conjunction with doctors“. Ida Tin went on to add: “I wanted to create a service that can adjust to various stages in life, depending on whether a woman wants to conceive or prevent pregnancy“.


Although Ida Tin explains that Clue should not be used like a method of contraception, she hopes that, one day, the product will be “sufficiently improved” to “serve as an alternative to the pill or intra-uterine device“. In fact, “our methods of contraception are fraught with many problems but I don’t see many people worrying about them“, emphasises Ida Tin. 


Today, Clue is used every month by almost 500,000 Internet users in 180 countries. It will be available in French from early December. In addition to wanting to develop her app, Ida Tin is considering joining forces with universities “to participate in sex education programmes for students or hospitals“. “This is a fundamental issue that concerns all of humanity” she insists. (Lucie Ronfaut) 10/12/2014

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